Nevada Solar One Powering America

Nevada Solar One is a solar power plant located in Eldorado Valley, near Boulder City. The 75 megawatt maximum capacity is distributed over 400 acres and it officially went into operation in the June of 2007. It is the largest solar thermal energy plant built in the world in the last two decades and the carbon dioxide emissions it avoids in a year are equal to 20,000 cars. The initial investment was $266 nevada_solar_onemillion. A number of companies combined their resources to bring the project to fruition, but the Spanish company Acciona soon brought a controlling stake in Solargenix, the company formerly known as Duke Solar and now owns 95% of the project.

The Nevada Solar One power plant was built in Boulder City’s Energy Resource Zone. In order for a permit to be granted for a plant development in this zone, plans for renewable generation are required. The Nevada Solar One project was accepted as part of a larger project initiated by Duke’s Energy, who hoped to build facilities which could generate 1 Gigawatt of electricity in the El Dorado area.

During peak hours it uses specialized technology to track the movement of the sun and adjust the mirrors to concentrate the rays accordingly. The amount of the technology used is astounding, with almost 200,000 mirrors reflecting the sun’s rays onto approximately 20,000 tubes which lay at parabolic troughs. A liquid which transfers heat flows through the tubes and then is turned into steam which powers a turbine. This turbine is linked to a generator which produces the electricity.

Many hopes are held for the future. Nevada has an abundance of sun and land and, in theory, has the ability to generate around 600 gigawatts of electricity by using the same technology that Nevada Solar One uses. It has been enthusiastically theorized that, with a massive expansion of solar plants in the Energy Resource Zone, the area could provide enough electricity to power the whole of the United States of America. In comparison, similar facilities operating in the Mojave Desert have generated a capacity of 354 megawatts since 1984.

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Benefits Of Olive Oil To The Skin

Olive oil is one of the natural oils obtained from the olive tree. The tree bears olive fruits, commonly known as olives, which are rich in monounsaturated oil. The oil is extracted in a number of ways and used for various purposes, which include salad dressing, cooking, manufacture of soap and cosmetics. To some extent, the method of extraction determines the amount of oil obtained as well as the use to which it may be put.

Olive oil for skin is widely used by manufacturing industries to make cosmetics but on its own, it still has several benefits to offer your skin. To start with, it can be suitably used as a moisturizer, just as you would use a face, hand and body lotion. Olive oil is known for its antioxidant properties and their ability to suppress free radicals when ingested, due to the action of phytosterols and polyphenols. Particularly, hydroxytyrosols play a major role in the protection against the detrimental effects of free radicals. The same case applies on the skin, where it keeps the skin from oxidation and degeneration, making it age slowly and gracefully. These antioxidants also act as good moisturizers and they protect the skin. When used as a lotion, the oil makes the skin more elastic and supple, and prevents sunburns.

Some people use olive oil to control acne. By mixing it with salt and rubbing the mixture on one’s face, it effectively eliminates or reduces acne and makes the face smooth. In this same way, this mixture serves to exfoliate the skin, thereby eliminating the dead skin and exposing a smooth and young looking face. It makes the face look bright and will restore a healthy look in the skin of any person, whether young old. Olive oil can be counted among the oils with the highest level of utility, with its usefulness extending from infants to the aged. In babies, it can be used to treat rashes around the buttocks area, commonly known as diaper rashes. Its application is recommended during diaper change and this will make a difference in the baby’s skin, making it smoother. To the aged, this oil comes as a relief because it makes the skin more elastic and less dry.
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What Is A Pension Plan

A pension plan is a financial arrangement whereby a fixed sum is paid to an employee after retirement from employment. A pension plan refers to methods that are used to put money aside during a person’s working life which then provide an income for them in retirement. Such plans are typically employer funded where the pool of funds provided by an employer are invested on the employee’s behalf and made available as fixed benefits after retirement.


Aside from employer funded pension plans, pensions can also be funded by employee unions, outside organisations as well as the government. Pension plans can also be established by individual employees through insurance companies or other financial institutions. In some cases both employer and employee make contributions to such funds to maximize payout benefits.


Some countries create funds for employees to provide retirement income when this is not available as part of their employment benefits. These types of funds,however, often require that the employee make specified payments to the pension fund throughout their working life in order to qualify for benefits. These benefits are usually the form of a lifelong annuity that does not limit benefits based on how long a person lives.


Other pensions that are provided by the government can include disability pensions (when a person is injured or disabled) and pensions that are granted to military veterans for service to their country (such pensions can sometimes be transferred to the partner of the beneficiary).


An important incentive for these types of savings is that they are normally tax exempt – that  is the government does not charge tax on benefits when they are received. A pension plan is normally not available to an employee until the individual has retired from employment, usually not before minimum government mandated age levels have been reached.

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Famous Internet Marketing Strategies

One of the reliable ways to advertise today is through the Internet. For most companies, online marketing is very effective because many people consider the web as part of their daily lives. There are many reasons why people love using the Internet. Aside from the fact that most information can be found online, gadgets such as laptops, tablets and even mobile phones can be used to browse almost everywhere. Here are some of the famous Internet marketing strategies that people use to boost their sales.

Pay Per Click

PPC or Pay Per Click companies are now becoming popular as more and more business people look for ways to boost the amount of traffic that they get for their page. Many PPC sites hire people to click links and banner ads. These people get paid based on the number of sites they have clicked or visited depending on the requirements of the company.

Page Rank

As a page gets more views, it increases its rank. Once a page gets a high rank, it goes on top of the search engine results which also mean more chances of being seen by more people. Through exposure, companies are able to promote their products effectively so they get more profit. has effective plans and strategies to help you with your pagerank status and capabilities.

Some people think that Internet marketing is only temporary but through the years, many have proven that web marketing continues to grow as new tools and programs improve. As many technology gadgets are developed, more people are exposed to online advertising. They can be sent through MMS, posted as banner ads or even linked to social networking sites.

In order to know more about Internet marketing, it is necessary to do some research. There are updates every now and then created by programmers and other professionals in the Information Technology industry. By learning new strategies, companies can maximize their tools and at the same time increase their sales numbers while cutting time and expenses in half.

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